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 A Hint of Murder is a new short story, murder mystery series.

A Hint of Murder: The Writer


Alicia Fairfield didn’t plan on being famous. Now a bestselling author with millions of fans, Alicia also has the attention of a killer. Someone has been recreating the murders from her books and the suspects are piling up; her mentally ill son, a disgruntled associate, and possibly even her loyal literary agent. The pressure of public recognition along with the guilt over these senseless killings could be enough to drive Alicia over the edge. Can she hold it together long enough to uncover a killer?

Book Background

After I wrote In Search of Lucy, my romantic drama, I wanted to try something different. My mother’s favorite genre is mystery and I thought it would be fun to do a good old fashion who dunnit. My vision was a sort of modern-day Alfred Hitchcock. I thought readers would enjoy a miniseries where each story had a different main character that was at the center of a mysterious murder or murders. But, there are two great detectives that will be reoccurring characters in each story. The first in the series, The Writer, was just released on Amazon two weeks ago and has already received positive feedback. One review said, “Fairchild achieved what is not often accomplished in short stories…If this short story is indicative of Lia Fairchild’s writing style, I will be looking forward to reading and reviewing her novel, In Search of Lucy.”
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