Meet the Book: Thaloc Has A Body

Meet the Book


Thaloc Has a Body




Book TWO of the Brodie Wade series of Paranormal Thrillers.


The Truth returns to torment Psychic Detective Brodie Wade, this time to warn him of his own death: in three days he will be married, then he dies. But before he can solve that riddle, Detective Phil Dawson brings Brodie a set of three impossible cases, and Officer Jamie Stanford blindsides Brodie with a date… the first in his life. The Truth seems intent on derailing everything, also warning Brodie of the existence of a creature named Thaloc intent on killing Detective Dawson. Themessage is – as always – too scrambled to decipher and needs to be seen from the proper perspective to be unraveled.
Can Brodie save his best friend before his own clock runs out?




I’ve always been a fan of the Paranormal, but not in the latest “ghosts and vampires” sense. Yes, those are fine. I like a great ghost story. And vampire stories, told well, are still some of the most riveting ever. But the stories that really grab my attention are those that haven’t been done before. We already know how to kill a vampire: wood, silver, etc. But the stories that have a deep philosophy buried deep in the characters, waiting to be deciphered, captivate me page-by-page.


Those are the kinds of books that I want to write. Fast-paced, character-driven, fresh stories. Each one may have small things that make them like other created works, but in each case I wanted to create characters and villains that haven’t ever been done before. I’m tired of the re-spins of the same-old concepts, and I wanted my stories to be fresh, new and full of absolute unknowns. The Angel of Death is something we refer to, but how could you kill, or even contain it? Thaloc is a mystical Egyptian legend, but nothing has been written on him in modern days. What would he look like in today’s society?


And to offset the incredible power represented by these villains, we must have something more powerful for the guys in the white hats. But sometimes, all we are left with is a frail, shy psychic detective with an orange cat named Sophie. And sometimes that’ll just have to do.
Brodie is the part of me, deep inside, that doesn’t really want to see the light. He’s the shy introvert, but with such dramatic villains, I needed an understated hero. He’s the underdog, but rest assured, he can get the job done, even if it kills him in the process.


I’m currently writing the third, and final, book of the series. I will miss writing every day about Brodie and his strange cat, I know that an author shouldn’t write past the end of a story, and Brodie’s story has a definite end. I want to respect the story that has developed over all these years and do it absolute justice.
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