New Release Announcement: A King in a Court of Fools

New Release


On Dead Tree Paperback or Alive in EBook!

 A King in a Court of Fools

For Having Way too Much Fun


Name: Tom Ryan

Age: 10

Physical Description: Too big for his britches, too tough for his own good

Distinguishing features: a scar in the shape of your nose on his right hand

Aliases: “The King,” “Tom Terrific,” “Hey Ryan,” and “Big Trouble”

Known to frequent: The Cherry Tree Hideout, Isaly’s, The Harris Theater, South Park Drive-In

To report a sighting, to read a sample, or purchase please contact A King in a Court of Fools



Hours of enjoyment reading stories from the Book of Tom

(Tom’s Journal and you might have to watch over your shoulder while you do)

About the Author:

Author Larry Enright has once again created a dynamic book around his most well known character, Tom Ryan. This book was originally published as a free novel series. It is a humorous look at the life of Tom Ryan, the kid, growing up in the 1950s. If you’ve see the free audio and written series Larry created with the this book, you know it needs to be on your book shelf, virtual or real.You are able to see the foundation in Tom Ryan that led to the book Four Years from Home, the first Tom Ryan masterpiece.

As you can see from the wanted poster, the book is enjoyable, and the author is fun. Anyone with that sense of adventure and humor is bound to find this enjoyable and entertaining book at the top of the must read category, again and again.

After you’ve had the time to read A King in a Court of Fools, please take a moment to check out Larry Enright on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. When you do, you’ll find his other masterpiece and Four Years from Home, also a definite must read.






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