Meet the Book: The Portal Sundered

Meet the Book

The Portal Sundered.

Second in the Portal Trilogy.



At the end of The Portal Between, Kate hoped that Sam would return home to stay. But Lily came back alone.

Kate carried on as she had before, more alone than ever and she found comfort and support from a not totally unexpected source.

But beyond the magical Portals Sam was struggling to cope with her new life and new responsibilities. Beset by her own doubts and by the subtle attacks of Ametsam’s son, she refuses to ask for help until it’s almost too late.

Behind the Book

I’d brought Lily home to Kate, but Sam had stayed behind. Why? What had happened to her that had caused such emotional trauma? Why did Lily come back? What happened next?

How could I just leave the story there?

I drew a line under the first book, sent it out to a handful of people for feedback and for help with editing and polishing the manuscript with a view to trying to get it published. Then I carried on writing. I had to know how Sam dealt with her changing life, I had to know what was upsetting Lily so much, and I had to know what happened with Kate and Jack, and all the kids.

And I had those few people who were reading the first book and they kept asking questions too. They wanted to know whether Ametsam was really the monster we saw in the first book, had he always been that way? After all, Lily had loved him, and she wouldn’t have felt that way if he’d always been as he was in The Portal Between. Would she? Then there were the questions over where Sam’s magic had come from, if it was inherited or had been gifted to her, would either of her children have any use of it as they grew? What about Andrew?

As for the number of times I was asked, Who is Lily, really, who is she? I knew most of the answers already, safely tucked away in notes and in my head, muttered to myself as I wandered about my garden, dreamed late into the night. Some of them needed to make their way into another book.

So they did. The Portal Sundered, and it didn’t end there either.

Along the way, I met someone who told me something interesting. She always flicked to the end of any book and read the last couple of pages. I asked her why, and she said that she liked to know how it ended and that she loved finding out how that ending had come about. I wondered if that might spoil some books for her. She said no, it was the journey that she loved, not the last minute twists.

So I wrote the epilogue just for her, and she roared with laughter when I handed her the finished book and she immediately flicked to those final pages……

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