New Release Announcement: Ash of Ambition

New Release

Y.K. Greene does it again! Another fantastic read has been released by the author of Family Picnic and The Uncertainty of Death. This must read novel was released today as the foundation for a new series by the talented horror and suspense author.  Take a moment to check out the details on it below.

Rin Tyler is the well off, reclusive oldest daughter of the Tyler family; Ash is a temperamental Cleaner with an unusual penchant for the cleansing effects of fire. When these sides of the same woman collide it can only end in flames…


A word from YK Greene to her fans:

I actually lost the second book in my other series – which inspired me to push forward with “Ash of Ambitions,” the first book in a whole new series from me. “Ash of Ambitions” actually started out as a NaNoWriMo submission. I did have a lot of work left to do after the month was over though! I’m so sorry I lost the next book in the Four Horsemen series, hopefully you’ll enjoy a breather with Rin/Ash while I get up the nerve to do it all again!


As a fan of this incredible author, I’m excited to hear there will be more stories coming from her in this series.

You can learn more about YK Greene at and  She welcomes fan interaction on her page, so don’t be shy.


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