Meet the Book: Wolf Dreams

Meet the Book


Wolf Dreams

A collection of short stories in the sci-fi / fantasy genre. Concepts
like duality, cyber crime in a magical world, forbidden love, dead
Gods, and even Saint Nicholas are explored.

Book Background:

I write a lot. I can’t help it. Storied come to me, and I have to get
them down. For every novel I’ve written, there are dozens of short

Some of the tales in there are standalone, while others link in with a
larger group of tales in my core writing universe. Those stories are
easily identified due to a couple of characters in common.

My introduction to fiction started with Doctor Who novelisations and
The Hobbit. I’ve been reading since I was four, and writing since I
was eleven. A lot of my writings have been lost, because they were in
paper form, but some of my characters stayed with me, and have evolved
into new, more exciting ones. In some ways, the tales in this book are
an introduction to them.

I’d like to think that my stories provoke a little thought. If not,
then I at least hope they entertain!

I’m now working on the first book of one of my main characters. The
story has been in my head for years, as has the character, and writing
it is like writing the biography of a dear friend.

I’m on the net, always:

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