Hellfire Trilogy Expands!

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I picked up Spark by Karyn Pearson a while back. The book is incredible, entertaining, and fun to read.

It is a paranormal adventure where a young woman seeks to free her mother of a curse placed upon her by a demon she defeated. This has plagued her since before her daughter was born, and led mother and daughter to be separated. The story picks up with the grown child doing what her mother did for a vocation – Demon Huntress, and she’s good at it. The young woman has one major problem that haunts her through many adventures, and saves her in others – Her soul is attached to that of a Demon, and a high ranking one at that.

This incredible adventure draws you in from the first line, and I can honestly say that when I found out Inferno – book two in the series – has a release date, I became excited! I can’t wait to get my hands on this story. It’ll come out on Jan 31st!

If you want to check out Spark I’ve included the links below.

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