Review: Hunters’ Assessment (Arcturian Bloodlines Series) by Karyn Pearson

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The Hunters’ Assessment short story is part of the larger series, Arcturian Bloodlines, created by Karyn Pearson. This story introduces the readers to the world of the Hunter’s Society and their training levels. This hunter’s society is designed to hunt down the Vampires that walk among people every day.

In this introduction to the Arcturian Bloodlines series, the author takes her time to bring each of the three primary characters to life. Their personalities are vividly unique, and their skills are clearly identified through their interactions. While she does not define each job the team members have by tasks, she does take the time to identify the unique role each hunter contributes to their team.

In all, this short story is well crafted and is a good example of the true character creation skill this author has. I am eagerly looking forward to the next story, short or novel, to be released in this series.


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