New Release Announcement: Inferno – Book 2 of the Hellfire Series

New Release

The incredible Karyn Pearson has released book two in this series that has me hooked! This series is full of butt kicking women, strong characterizations, and impressive world creation. I’m blown away by the impressive skills of this wordsmith. This is the third title to her name, and each one gets better. It became available yesterday and I am already devouring this story! She is one of the best authors I’ve come across in all of my years of reading.  I hope I don’t have to wait years for the next part of the Hellfire Saga! I have no doubt it’ll be a thrilling conclusion.

Ms Pearson – Thank you for the impressive work, and well created stories.

For release day weekend, the price is set at .99 cents and I have been informed it will be going up to 3.99 on the 3rd of Feb. I will tell you it’s worth every penny!

Here’s the important stuff


After defeating the Saligia, Ardentia thought that her journey had come to a close. With her mother’s curse broken, she had hoped for peace at last. Hell had other plans.

Demons have grown bolder; they strike at all hours of the day, laying siege to the borders of the sanctuary towns, and possess humans to get around the wards meant to keep them out. To make matters worse, there is an even greater threat looming on the horizon. A new power has risen in the north, Belial, the first of four Crown Princes of Hell.

The Crown Prince is ruthless—far more powerful than the likes of any demon Ardentia or Noxius have ever faced. He seeks to travel to the four corners of the Earth and free his brothers, Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Ba’al. Should Belial’s plan succeed, Lucifer will rise and the final battle for mankind’s survival will begin.

No one is safe; not even the defenses of the great city of Salvatio can keep the powers of Hell at bay. Belial’s reach is vast, extending deep into the holy city itself. A traitor walks within the walls, tearing Salvatio down from the inside out.

Now, it is a race against the clock, and Ardentia must stop Belial before all is lost. The dangers she must face are greater than they have ever been. She knows the journey alone might kill her, provided the demon does not get around to it first. But even the threat of certain death will not stop her.

Ardentia has but one choice—to brave the hellfire and face Belial, or watch her world be lost to the coming inferno.

It’s on Amazon and Smashwords right now, but expect me to update this post when it’s available elsewhere.


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