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an Excerpt from Lyn Brittan’s Solia’s Moon

SOLIA’S MOON – Lyn Brittan

After a few seconds, she rubbed her hand against him, finally getting hold of a good chunk of his trousers.      “Let’s get back. Try to keep quiet though.”

Quiet? Yeah, right. They’d passed that marker a long way back.

With small, shuffling steps, they made their way to the camp and settled in. He tried to get comfortable, but something had changed in the moments they’d been away. He reached around Solia’s shoulder, drawing her near, while exposing the grip of his weapon on the opposite side.

“What is it?”


“So why are you holding me like—”

 “What happened to staying quiet?”

The sounds were the same: Mol’s regular breathing and the soft snores coming from where Marius had gone into a fetal position earlier in the night. He didn’t hear anything from where he thought Lee would be, but then, he hadn’t expected to.

Every muscle twitched expectantly and he pulled back the action on his old-fashioned semiautomatic. He kept it mainly as a reminder of his father, but no matter how much weaponry progressed, this could still kill a man. He cocked it and sent up a silent prayer of retroactive thanks that the old man had reduced the pull to a hair trigger. Even though he heard nothing else, he stayed in the same primed position the rest of the night.

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