Guardians of The One


When two young, and very ordinary, Brown Coat werewolves meet, the last thing they expect is to become two of the most important, and most extraordinary ever. They are about to become Guardians of The One, the legendary werewolf who will call Werenmesse, the gathering of all Folk of Were to unite under the leadership of the mightiest werewolf of all…

Killer Review Competition Results! Great thanks to all those who did me the ultimate favour and penned reviews. Not all of them appear on the US site – Amazon’s go so many international stores, it’ll take you forever to find them all. Anyway, I won’t tell you how these characters get knocked off in the forthcoming Pack Coppernick Tale, James Isaacs, Flower Man, but the reviewers, and the characters named after them are as follows:
Angela Chavez – Amazon Berzerker.
Rico Guzman – Slaver
Melanie Rovak – Berserker (I was thinking Amazon, but I could go with goblin. I’ll see how it pans out.)
Jo Taylor – Slave girl.



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