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I’ve always loved cyborg romances, eagerly reading the latest by Laurann Dohner, Eve Langlais, and Mina Carter. I didn’t feel a need to write my own because these wonderful ladies were writing their stories. But then all three of these writers went on a break with their different cyborg series. Yes, all of them. What is a reader to do? Write her own stories. I love the niche and I believe I honored it, giving the cyborgs all of those delicious characteristics we love in this type of hero. Being half man, half machine, they have that awesome and constant internal conflict between emotion and logic, free will and obeying orders.

In Releasing Rage, I also wanted to explore two things 1) Why would a being (a cyborg) manufactured as the perfect soldier rebel against his manufacturers ? Loyalty is part of the soldier code. And 2) How ARE cyborgs manufactured? Yes, I wanted to learn about cyborg babies! Warning: They’re absolutely adorable. Releasing Rage is sexy and action packed. It is also VERY dark. The cyborgs rebel for a gut-wrenching reason. Extremely bad things also happen to the heroine. This story isn’t meant for people with a sensitivity to violence (of ANY kind). But I’m very proud of Releasing Rage. I believe it’s a strong addition to the niche.


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