Noble Transition

Book Feature

Carlos and Cerita Blocc have encountered the kinds of changes most would think mythical. A few months ago they worked hard, went to school at the top of their classes, and had no idea Atlantis was real. Now, they travel back and forth with ease through artificially generated, stable wormholes. The things of science fact are barely scratching the surface of their adjustments.

Cerita Blocc was appointed Earth’s Knight’s Apprentice, and is now the heir apparent to the next emperor of Atlantis. If that’s not enough to adjust to, her first assignment for Atlantis shows her how harsh ignorance can be.

Carlos Blocc finds himself involved in every possible aspect of noble life. He attends event after event on be half of his family, and knows that’s not all he has ahead of him. Between the remedial classes he must take to catch up with his Atlantean counterparts, he faces a future that will change everything. Adding to it all, he can’t talk it over with his sister.

Everything they encounter makes them duty bound to the city, its people, and future. The transition into noble life will change all of their lives, but only time will tell if it’s good or not.

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