Rhiannos’s Fire

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A humble man. A strong woman. A love letter lost.

Allard has been squire to a good knight, for many years. Sometimes the most mundane task leads to amazing things. Running an errand does just that. On the streets, he found his eyes a beautiful sight. Meeting her became a disaster. He has never done anything more embarrassing in his life.

Rhiannon has seen enough in life. A widow, a seamstress, and a mother takes all of the energy she can offer and gives all the joy she’s ever known. That is unexpectedly tested. A false knight enters her home and destroys the only connection she has left to her late husband. She’s angry, heartbroken, and lost.

Can Allard make up for the mistake? Will Rhiannon allow him to? Will he find a way to soften her hardened heart?

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