This site is dedicated to readers. This is one of the most common and enjoyable past times around the world. Books educate, enlighten, entertain and so much more. In today’s world there is a lot of hype about what books to read, where to get them and why.


We want to provide objective, honest reader reviews. That means some will not be so gentle but they will all be honest. When possible, we will forward a review to an author prior to publication, however that’s not our primary focus, readers are. You will have the opportunity to write you own reviews. Your voice will be heard here.

Short Stories:

We will allow Authors to submit short stories, one week a month. At the end of that week, readers get to vote on the best short and that Author is featured on the main Writing Network Site for a week. Your voice will be heard here.

News, Trends and Information:

We will tell you about new changes and popular trends in and around the world of books. For every story we report on, we’d like your thoughts. Your voice will be heard here.

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