Xarrok Saga: One

Book Cover: Xarrok Saga: One
Part of the Xarrok Saga series:
  • Xarrok Saga: One



A timid slave meets a battle hardened solider when two minds come together across light years.

Kala, a slave girl on Xenonia, the only planet in the sector untouched by war, lives among those who would fear her if they knew her secret. As she grows her secret begins to develop beyond her ability to control it. One day, her lack of control is made clear when she telepathically connects with a stranger across light years.

Yatrell Jae has been in the war since he was 14. His unique ability, often a curse, yields a surprise when he tries to console a sobbing woman. Through their conversation he discovers she's not at war. She's not even in his star system. Intrigue builds as he learns she's a slave concealing her ability.

When Kala is sold to serve in the military, her world shifts again, and Yatrell becomes her guide and mentor.

Across light years a friendship develops that sets them on a path that alters their lives.

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